Why Saltco Chooses 24V Electrical Cords for Himalayan Salt Lamps

Author: Sara Walker   Date Posted:10 October 2023 

At Saltco, we're passionate about providing high-quality Himalayan salt lamps that not only enhance your living space but also offer the maximum health benefits associated with these unique wellness products. One crucial aspect of ensuring our salt lamps perform at their best is the choice of electrical cord. In this blog post, we'll explain why we've chosen 24V electrical cords over 12V, how it enhances the performance of our salt lamps, and why we prioritize safety and quality above all else.


Compliance with Australian Electrical Standards Since February 2020:

Since February 2020, new legislation was introduced in Australia concerning salt lamps, mandating that the electrical components used in these lamps must not exceed 24 volts. This significant safety measure was introduced to protect consumers and ensure that Himalayan salt lamps sold in Australia meet rigorous electrical standards.


The Importance of Heat in Himalayan Salt Lamps:

Himalayan salt lamps are renowned for their beauty and potential health benefits. These benefits are largely attributed to the lamps' ability to generate negative ions when heated. Negative ions are believed to help improve air quality, reduce stress, enhance mood, and provide various other wellness advantages.

One of the primary reasons Himalayan salt lamps require heat is to prevent them from weeping, a phenomenon where the salt lamp releases moisture in the form of droplets. This weeping occurs because the salt in these lamps naturally absorbs moisture from the surrounding environment. By heating the salt, this moisture is evaporated, keeping the lamp dry and preventing the formation of unsightly and potentially damaging puddles.


Why Lamps Are Ideally Kept On 24/7:

To effectively prevent weeping and shedding, Himalayan salt lamps are ideally kept on 24/7 or for extended periods. The continuous gentle heating of the lamp ensures that moisture is continually evaporated, keeping the lamp dry and preserving its aesthetic appeal. It's not only a practical approach but also allows you to enjoy the soothing glow and potential health benefits of your salt lamp around the clock.


Choosing 24V Over 12V:

After extensive testing, Saltco decided to use 24V electrical cords for our Himalayan salt lamps, as opposed to the more common 12V option. The reason behind this decision is simple: we believe that 24V provides the optimal level of heat to enjoy the full benefits of Himalayan salt lamps.

Our testing revealed that 12V cords often did not produce enough heat to sufficiently warm the salt. As a result, the lamps were less effective in generating negative ions and preventing moisture buildup. This compromise in heat compromised the quality and benefits of the lamps.


Our Commitment to Quality and Safety:

At Saltco, quality and safety are our top priorities. We understand that you trust us to provide you with the best Himalayan salt products, and we take this responsibility seriously. By choosing 24V electrical cords for our lamps, we've demonstrated our commitment to delivering products that are both safe and effective.


Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps:

  1. Improved Air Quality: Salt lamps are believed to release negative ions that can help purify the air by neutralizing harmful particles and pollutants.

  2. Stress Reduction: The soothing glow of salt lamps can create a calming atmosphere, reducing stress and promoting relaxation.

  3. Enhanced Mood: Many users report improved mood and a sense of well-being when using Himalayan salt lamps.

  4. Allergy Relief: Salt lamps may help alleviate allergy symptoms by reducing airborne irritants.

  5. Sleep Improvement: The warm, soft light from salt lamps can promote better sleep by creating a tranquil ambiance.



At Saltco, we're committed to providing you with Himalayan salt lamps that not only look beautiful but also deliver the full spectrum of health benefits associated with these unique products. Our choice of 24V electrical cords ensures that our lamps emit the right amount of heat to prevent weeping and enhance your well-being. We're proud to be at the forefront of quality Himalayan salt products, and we'll continue to prioritize safety and excellence in everything we offer. Experience the difference with Saltco's Himalayan salt lamps, and enjoy the natural beauty and wellness benefits they bring to your home. Please be aware that any salt lamp sold with regular 220V-240V electricals is not in compliance with Australian electrical standards and may be considered unsafe. Keep your lamp on regularly to prevent weeping and shedding, preserving both its beauty and benefits.

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