The Gentle Healer: Exploring the Healing Properties of Selenite Crystals

Date Posted:10 August 2023 


Selenite crystal is one of the most important crystals for people looking to improve their well-being. For centuries, many cultures have believed in its powerful healing capabilities from its potent energy that promotes health while offering protection. Many energy workers even rely on it to cleanse their surroundings of unwanted energy.


But how can it benefit your health? Here are some details about selenite and its healing properties.


About the crystal


Selenite crystals are the crystallised versions of gypsum, a multifaceted, translucent stone. They form when calcium-rich saltwater and sulphate evaporate, resulting in a material that ranks 2 on the Mohs hardness scale. Even in crystal form, selenite’s translucent appearance is part of its charm and attributed to its ability to provide a soothing effect.


Another interesting detail about selenite is its name. It comes from Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon. Imagination, emotions, and intuition are typically linked with her and the moon. And similar to the moon, selenite exudes pure white light to inspire peace and energy that clears the mind.


Health benefits


Selenite crystal promotes calmness and clarity by clearing blocked energy and elevating the spirit. If you feel overwhelmed or notice too much negative energy around, crystal healers recommend using selenite crystals to cleanse your surroundings and belongings. These crystals may even increase your intuition as they boost mental clarity. From a healing perspective, this helps calm the mind to create a peaceful feeling.


Promote positive energy


It’s easier to incorporate selenite crystals into any environment nowadays. They can even elevate your decor when you get them as lamps, palm stones, tealights, bowls, pyramids, obelisks, spheres, or tumble stones. One of the most popular products is the selenite crystal lamp. Besides illuminating your space, it spreads radiant energy throughout your surroundings to promote mental focus, clarity, and a sense of peace.


Get selenite crystals for your home


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