Rock Babies Are Back In Stock!

Author: Saltco Australia   Date Posted:1 May 2018 

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What’s new?


The clear plastic clip on salt base, has been removed and replaced with new technology. The flexi silicone grommet (b) keeps the Himalayan Salt piece more securely in place.


The easiest way to attach or remove the Himalayan salt rock is:

  • : Apply firm downward pressure onto the rock and twist back and forth gently. This will secure the salt rock in place.
    Note: the silicone grommet does not need to be completely covered by the salt rock. Just enough to secure the salt rock in place, to maintain air flow into the salt rock
  • : Gently pull the salt rock away from the electrical base. Twist very gently if required.
    Note: plastic ring around globe cradle may pop off during detachment. Simply click it back into place, and make sure the silicone grommet is still correctly in place. If necessary adjust the silicone grommet so that it sits neatly over the plastic ring. (see picture above or here).

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