Himalayan Salt vs. Table Salt: Understanding the Differences and Making Informed Choices

Date Posted:8 June 2023 

You may be wondering: What exactly are the differences between the increasingly popular Himalayan salt and the ubiquitous table salt? Let’s unravel the mysteries surrounding these two varieties of salt, empowering you to make informed choices.


Sodium content


Both Himalayan salt and table salt primarily consist of sodium chloride, which imparts the characteristic salty taste. However, research reveals that Himalayan salt contains more than just sodium chloride; it also possesses traces of various other elements. This unique combination of elements lends the mineral rock salt its distinctive pink hue. In contrast, table salt is derived from salt mines and undergoes extensive purification, resulting in a higher concentration of sodium chloride and a pristine white appearance.




Himalayan or pink salt has long been believed to possess numerous health advantages due to its trace minerals and elements. Though scientific research is limited, anecdotal evidence suggests that pink salt may alleviate respiratory issues, maintain the body's pH balance, regulate blood sugar levels, boost libido, and improve sleep quality.


This is why Himalayan salt is frequently used in bath preparations. A warm bath with this salt may provide a calming effect, reducing stress and fatigue, similar to the serene atmosphere found at a saltwater beach. Anecdotal evidence supports the relaxation benefits of such mineral baths, and some people also enjoy using Himalayan salt lamps for similar effects.


Additionally, the antimicrobial properties of salt could make Himalayan salt baths useful for treating acne, especially in hard-to-reach areas. These baths may also benefit people with psoriasis or eczema, reducing symptoms like scaling, redness, and irritation. Moreover, the salt's magnesium content may help reduce skin inflammation.


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