Bath Bomb 101: How to Choose the Right One for Your Needs

Date Posted:10 May 2023 

Don’t you just love soaking in your bathtub after a long day? It’s one of the simplest luxuries that can help you relax and unwind, and you can make the experience better with bath bombs. 


A bath bomb is a single-use blend of fragrant and soothing oils and extracts, usually shaped like a sphere and designed to be tossed in your water-filled tub before you indulge in your bath. Since it contains citric acid and sodium bicarbonate, you’ll love observing and listening to the fizzing as it dissolves in water. When it breaks apart, it releases the good stuff, like emollients to smooth the skin, relaxing and soothing aromas, and luscious scents you’ll love.


But bath bombs are not created equal. As you browse the selection from a favourite shop, you’ll likely find a wide array of scents and blends that may overwhelm you. Use this guide to avoid the guesswork in choosing the right bath bomb for your needs.


Always check the ingredients


Know what’s in your bath bomb, as the wrong choice could cause allergic reactions or impact the vaginal pH balance of a woman, causing infections and irritations down there. Consider ingredients that can help soothe your body, like magnesium chloride, an essential mineral that can relax exhausted and painful muscles.


Avoid allergies by looking for organic and natural ingredients. Also, make sure the colours won’t leave any unwanted residue or stain your tub!


Avoid the bad stuff


Glitter bath bombs might look pretty and make your tub look Instagram-worthy, but experts advise against them. Glitter may cause scratches and be abrasive to sensitive body parts, causing unwanted secondary infections. Additionally, you may want to avoid a bath bomb with talcum powder, which has consistently been linked to ovarian cancer.


Pick a scent you love


Different scents have various purposes. Jasmine, rose, and lavender is relaxing and calming, and peppermint and bergamot can energise. Make sure the fragrances are natural in your bath bomb so they’re unlikely to irritate your skin.


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